Sam Rutman, guitar


Rich melodic phrasing, blinding finger work and an ability to find the perfect harmonic compliments make Sam one of the leading guitarists in the GTA. Originally born in the Ukraine, Sam Rutman, is an experienced musician, who has played professionally in Europe and Israel and is now based in Toronto, Canada. His wide interests in music range from Rock to light Jazz, Pop to Country. Highly creative, with a great ear and skillful dexterity, Sam’s improvisation makes him a wonder to experience.


Rob Jones, bass

London born bassist has been immersed in music since the age of 10. Professionally trained, Robert started playing live at the age of 17 in a wide range of genres. By 18 he was performing with several jazz bands and fully immersed in the local rock scene opening for emerging talent including Econoline Crush and Finger Eleven.

Over the years Robert’s playing has become more focused and understated, supporting the fundamentals of the band. Robert has been playing throughout the GTA with a number of cover bands ranging in genres from country, blues, top 40, funk to hard rock. Uniquely percussive, his groove will set your feet on fire and have you moving before you know it.


Emily Chambers, vocals


Em Chambers is a Canadian singer/songwriter born in Hamilton, Ontario, who presently lives and performs in Toronto.  Currently, Em has just finished recording her first EP “Cards of Life” in Nashville, TN.

She performs Jazz, Soul, R&B, Country, Pop, and Alternative Rock, at small- medium-sized venues across the country, along with National Anthems for Major League Sports Teams in venues with 20,000+ capacities.


Mike Jacques, drums

"Born-and-raised in Midland, Ontario, Mike Jacques first started playing the drums at the age of three on a starter kit purchased from the Sears Catalogue, and he still plays with the same passion, dedication and musical curiosity that got him started in the first place. Over three decades, he has been involved in numerous musical projects (covers and originals) where he has honed his skills and slowly become one of Toronto’s most dynamic and in-demand live drummers.

While Buddy Rich, Dave Grohl, John Bonham, Jeremy Taggart, Jimmy Chamberlain, Matt Cameron, and Danny Carey all served as early influences, Mike has developed into a musically adventurous drummer who finds as much inspiration in old school hip hop and classic funk as he does in modern rock.  He plays with an attack that is both fierce and commanding, but also has a melodic pop sensibility that guides him to naturally pull back and let the other players shine. Mike’s solid and infectious backbeat will guide you to the dance floor and keep you dancing all night long!"


Shahram Shaghayegh, keyboard

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